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The Abington Educational Foundation (AEF), established in 1992, is a nonprofit organization that provides funding to enhance educational opportunities for approximately 8,000 students and their families of the Abington School District (ASD). The ASD – with its exceptional administration, staff, and teachers – is a source of tremendous pride in our community and a unifying social force. In our classrooms, children of all races, religions, economic backgrounds, and academic abilities come together to learn and reach their fullest potential.

One of about 200 Pennsylvania education foundations, AEF is committed to ensuring Abington School District students receive the educational opportunities that charitable investment can provide. Philanthropic giving to education continues to increase each year and AEF aims to harness this generosity to help Abington and Rockledge students continue to excel as society demands highly educated and technologically skilled workers.  With strong community support, AEF can provide the supplemental resources necessary to promote the highest level of educational innovation and excellence, and meet the following goals:

Innovation and excellence throughout our school district:

The 21st century classroom is evolving rapidly with advanced technology changing how teachers teach and how students learn.

High achievement for all students:

Each student deserves effective and personalized educational practices, which require funding and the engagement of families and the community.

Continue our leadership in STEAM:

Abington School District has been a leader in curriculum design and instruction in the areas of Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics (STEAM). 

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