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Through the generosity of many individuals and businesses, the Abington Educational Foundation (AEF) funds programs and technology each year that increase student well-being and achievement, directly impacting thousands of students in Abington School District's nine schools.

AEF is proud to contribute to ASD students, inspiring the next generation of leaders.


AEF provides funding annually for Learning Grants that teachers apply for to enhance technology and educational programs in their classrooms, schools, and for afterschool initiatives. Learning Grants fund programs such as robotics clubs, garden clubs, afterschool STEAM initiatives, language programs, arts initiatives, and specialized technology in the classroom.

​Grant requests are reviewed and voted on by the AEF Grants Committee throughout the school year.

Learning Grant Application

For ASD Teachers, Staff, and Administrators 

2021/22 Learning Grants

2020/21 Learning Grants

2019/20 Learning Grants

2018/19 Learning Grants

2017/18 Learning Grants

2016/17 Learning Grants


Silver Pen Award

AEF launched, and continues to fund, the Silver Pen Award, which recognizes fifth-grade students submitting winning essays in a district-wide competition. 

Abington Buddies Club

AEF proudly supports the Senior High Buddies Club, which fosters meaningful relationships between disabled and nondisabled students through monthly afterschool meetings. The Abington Buddies promote authentic opportunities for students with disabilities, while giving nondisabled students a greater awareness and understanding of students with intellectual and developmental needs.

AEF Award, Abington Middle School

AEF honors and provides gift cards to approximately 24 Middle School students who exemplify the traits of leadership and integrity while overcoming challenges. 




AEF is pleased to partner with donors who would like to establish scholarships to benefit Abington Senior High School graduating seniors. 


Chromebooks & Raspberry Pi Technology

Thank you to Dr. Lynne and Michael Markman for their tremendous generosity in funding enhanced technology for Abington Senior High School. 


Chromebooks for Guidance Programs

Thank you to the Forst Foundation for your generous support of a chromebook cart for the Abington Senior High.



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