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AEF Learning Grants

2020-2021 School Year

“One Abington” Return to School Tote Bags

All Elementary School Students, 4,700+ students

  • “One Abington” tote bags to hold each elementary school student’s instructional materials during pick-up and to help to boost student morale by giving students a special item to get them excited for this atypical school year.


Math Manipulatives

Copper Beech, K, 144 students

  • A set of math manipulatives (pattern blocks and double-sided counters) for each kindergartener.

  • Update: The Grants Committee asked the District to see if the manipulatives would be needed for all ASD kindergarten students. The District will be able to move forward with the purchase of math manipulatives for all students, Grades K through 6.


Mic-ing Forward

All Schools, 6,000+ students

  • Technology (microphones and accessories) to improve music-teacher and music students’ instructional experiences with creating performance-based content.


Student Stylus Pens & Headphones

McKinley, 4th Graders, 130 students, $555

  • Update: ASD will provide funding for these items.


NJHS & eCLOSE Institute Present: Kids versus Cancer

Abington Junior High School, 50 students

  • AJHS will partner with the eClose Institute at the Fox Chase Cancer Center to create an afterschool “club” where Junior High students work closely with a scientist to undertake research on how diets impact cancer. The goals of this partnership are as follows:

    • Increase interest in biomedicine and STEM careers through project based learning.

    • Reinforce concepts of our Biology course for our 9th grade students and prepare 7th and 8th grade students for these concepts early on in their academic careers.

    • Increase interest in and skills for combating cancer by beginning to train student scientists in cancer research in grades 7-9.

Kami for Kids

Abington Senior High School, 750 students over 2 years

  • AEF will fund a two-year subscription for Kami, an online annotation app that allows users to annotate pdf documents using several different means such as handwriting, typing, audio, and video. This will be particularly helpful for physics and engineering courses, where students need to draw a lot of diagrams and do work with equations. Attempting to do this in an electronic form can be time consuming, and evidence shows that writing things out is better for understanding.


Class of 2021 Support

Abington Senior High School, 600+ students

  • Funding to support the Senior Prom, which has been moved from a traditional venue to the stadium. There are additional costs that come along with this change (dance floor, sound, lighting, etc.). The Senior Class had a difficult fundraising year with kids not being in person at school and families not being able to participate as they have in the past.  



Two Childcare Assistance Grants

Support for two ASD families, each with 2 children attending the YMCA for virtual school while there was no in-person school



John H. Engelhardt Memorial Scholarship


Chartwells Scholarship

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