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AEF Learning Grants

2018-2019 School Year


“Streaming” to Analyze Physics, Abington Senior High School

12 Vernier LabQuest Streams for 2 classrooms of AP Physics students to be used during laboratory investigations, demonstrations, and individual research opportunities. LabQuest Streams serve multiple functions: they allow students to critically analyze the lab exercises completed in connection with the curriculum by directly interfacing with Chromebooks; they also allow teachers to expand on demonstration opportunities during class presentations and lectures. Students and teachers will be able to collect data from multiple Vernier probes and process the data using Graphical Analysis on both standard inquiry labs and investigations of their own design.


Buddies Club Support, Abington Senior High School

Divided shelf, rolling cabinet for Buddies Club, which fosters meaningful relationships between disabled and nondisabled students through monthly afterschool meetings.


Elementary Instrumental Music Flipped Learning Pilot, All ASD Elementary Schools

This grant funds supplemental educational material for Abington Elementary Instrumental Music students, including audio and video equipment to complete educational videos and out-of-classroom content for students’ use. The materials and technology will allow students to catch up on missed work or do extra work if interested while not in music class, which is just once per week. The materials and technology are catered toward both an established recording space, wherein instructional content will be recorded and digitally produced, and a mobile recording space, where instructional content can be recorded for later production. The grant provided the following key pieces of technology which provide the necessary elements for music teachers to be able to produce materials to continue traditional instruction outside of the classroom: wireless mixer; Bluetooth page turner; lighting kit and backdrop; microphones, stands, bar and cables; wireless microphone system; camera lens, batteries, and hard drive.


Learning in Motion, Copper Beech Elementary School

"Learning in Motion" is intended to be an educational experience that will enhance the learning of students with disabilities. The students will use iPads to access educational applications that promote tactile and kinesthetic learning to enhance the motivation of students. When appropriately assigned, iPad applications will help students understand and express their emotional response to learning at times when they may feel challenged, upset, or energetic, and when they may be unable to express how they are feeling verbally. The iPad provides access to various applications that can assist in teaching students coping strategies.


Flexible Seating in the Classroom, Highland Elementary School

Floor desks, standing desks, and stability ball chairs to create flexible seating environments for two first grade classrooms and one third grade classroom. Students learn best when they have some control over their environment. Flexible seating allows students to choose where they work and to change their location and position as needed.


Video Story Telling with Students, Overlook Elementary School

Students using We Video subscription, green screens, and props to make short stop motion videos connected to the Journeys reading curriculum, to bring the curriculum to life for the students.


PlayFit Recess Program, Overlook Elementary School

The on-site Dr. Recess assembly and games program promotes the importance of being active and living a healthy life by using developmentally appropriate games to teach and advance the social and emotional skills, cognitive skills, motor skills, and fitness levels of elementary school children. Students learn how to better utilize their recess time, which will result in a reduction in bullying and increase in student morale and motivation.


Beauty and the Beast, School Musical, Roslyn Elementary School

Funding to help cover lighting and sound costs for Roslyn’s musical production of Beauty and the Beast.


Breakout EDU, Willow Hill Elementary School

Breakout EDU kits are a unique collection of resettable locks, boxes, and items that can be used to play over one hundred immersive learning games that include math, science, communication arts, social studies, and other curricular goals.

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