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A new fundraiser to support Abington Senior High School's Class of 2021 is taking flight in Abington! Flocks of flamingos are appearing on the front lawns of unsuspecting seniors this spring, to brighten their day and bring smiles to passers-by.
To "flock" a Senior and support this year's graduating class, please complete this form, no later than Friday, May 7.
Flock Sign.jpg
Hatton's Flock.jpg
If you would like to donate a flock to a deserving senior whose family may not otherwise be able to afford this gesture, please just indicate "donation flock" on the google form. The “Flockers” will reach out to the guidance counselors at the school to ensure that your flock gets sent to the home of a deserving senior.
Please email with any questions or feedback.
Thank you for your support of our Abington Senior High Class of 2021!
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