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AEF Grants

2021-2022 School Year



Kids versus Cancer, Student Scientist Program

Abington Junior High School, 50 students

  • AJHS partners with the eClose Institute at the Fox Chase Cancer Center to create an afterschool club where Junior High students work closely with a scientist to undertake research on how diets impact cancer.


Legoland Field Trip

Highland, 2nd grade, 70 students

  • Fund field trip to Legoland for Highland 2nd graders


STEM Lending Library

Roslyn, 400+ students

  • Fund the creation of a STEM Lending Library to inspire students through literacy and STEM. The combination of books paired with hands-on activities will provide students with a springboard for their own future creations and ideas.


Support for Families in Need 

Various Schools, 5 families

  • Winter snowboots for students new to Abington.



John H. Engelhardt Memorial Scholarship

One student, $2,000


Dave Schramm Memorial Scholarship

Three students, $500 for each student




AEF Award, Abington Junior High School

  • AEF honors and provides gift cards to approximately 24 Junior High students who exemplify the traits of leadership and integrity while overcoming challenges.   


Silver Pen Award, All ASD Elementary Schools

  • AEF launched, and continues to fund, the Silver Pen Award, which recognizes sixth-grade students submitting winning essays in a district-wide competition. 

Elementary School CommUNITY Day Support, All ASD Elementary Schools

  • Provide support for the 5th and 6th Grades CommUNITY Day celebration

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