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2017 Harlem Wizards Event Benefiting the Abington Educational Foundation Was a Fantastic Fun-Raising, Fund-Raising Time For Families

On April 8, 2017 the world famous Harlem Wizards came to Abington to play a fun basketball game against Abington’s teachers and principals. The Wizards performed their usual antics – such as a football configuration and play right in the middle of the basketball game!  Wizards performed their best passes, ball handling, and other tricks for which they are known.

Abington’s team, coached by Assistant Superintendent Dr. Jeffrey “Head Coach” Fecher, motivated and encouraged Abington’s best basketball players in a terrific showing against the professional Wizards.  The score didn't matter because EVERYONE WON  — Abington students, families, and the Abington Educational Foundation, which provides funding to advance educational opportunities for Abington School District students.

Students garbed in Wizard’s jerseys – the “Wiz Kids” – performed relay races, basketball shooting, and a pre-game warm up with the Wizards on the court. Speaking of performances, the Abington Junior High School chorus opened the event with an impressive rendition of the National Anthem to a standing ovation.  Abington staff members, Board members, and community folks made up the team of more than 80 fantastic volunteers that made the event so successful.

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